Visit Copenhagen!

Biking girl_foto_Nicolai Perjesi (1)

We are truly proud of our city, so if you are planning to visit just one European capital this year, why not us? We have good food, good beer, great looking people and of course lots of bicycles everywhere!

Visit Copenhagen just upgraded their website, visit and please read “Bike City Copenhagen” which of course also features an article about Sögreni.
(Picture from Visit Copenhagen, photographer Nicolai Perjesi).

Now for sale: The Sögreni Mud Flap

mudflap2-thumb We have had this item for sale for ages in the shop, but for some reason never took it for sale online. Well that changed now, and we are pleased to offer the Sögreni Mud Flap in three different leather colours.

An easy way to upgrade any bicycle, and also a way of reducing the amount of water and mud you might spray your fellow bicyclists riding behind you with. See more pictures and order here

The Sögreni newsletter

Just before christmas, we finally sat down and made a newsletter, it was a very long time since the last one. If you want to subscribe, just add your e-mail in the small box on the left hand side on almost all pages on this website. We will only send you a newsletter when there is something we really want to tell you about – every other month or so. Welcome aboard!

Coming soon: Your 100% personal Sögreni bicycle

20141206_142245 We did it for the limited edition of bicycles for Danish design and silverware company Georg Jensen, and soon you can too. It will be possible to order a personal engraving on your Sögreni bicycle, on one or both sides of the frame. It could be your name, your bicycles name, the name of the person getting the bicycle as a gift – or anything else.

You will be able to choose between different kinds of typefaces and sizes of text. Another good thing about engraving your Sögreni bicycle will be the enhanced uniqueness, making it even more uninteresting to steal.

Almost finished.

After a lot of thinking, planning, technical drawings and lots of coffee, we are almost ready to launch the all new Sögreni Metal Front Bag. It is not for sale yet, but we just wanted to share this picture of one of the very first full-size prototypes. Nice, huh? We do not know when it will be released for sale, but quite soon. One thing we know, is that this will be a small production in the beginning, every unit is (of course) made by hand in the shop, and production numbers will be limited. (Thanks for the photo, courtesy of Ms. Minhye Jung).

Watch the new video!

What a nice little movie! Filmmaker Jan Cervený just made this clip, 3:53 minutes long from and about the shop. In Danish, but you do not need a translation to understand how the bicycles are built by hand, and to get the overall meaning of the Sögreni attitude towards craftmanship. It is also possible to get English subtitles, look in the down right corner of the YouTube video player for the button.