sog1Japanese website Outman runs a feature about Sögreni right now on their blog. We are not 100% sure what is written, but thank you so much for posting. Sögreni is actually sort of well known among Japanese bicycle aficionados – we get quite a few orders from Japan. So happy for this feature, so a big thumbs up from Copenhagen!

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  1. Hello Sogreni ! We are OUTMAN, Japanese online store dealing with Sogreni accessory nealy 7 years. And I believe We have been having a good friends with Mr. Soren Sogreni for a long time…
    Anyway, Thank you so much for sharing our blog! I have been to Kanazawa 21th Museum this summer, and I was soooo surprised to find Sogreni bike and bell there !
    Because I didn’t have any information about that ! I was so moved because it was likely to meet an old friend at unknown place, you know.
    I was written another blog about the encounter Sogreni at the Kanazawa 21th Museum.
    Anyway congratulations for the exhibition success at Japanese museum.
    I think It is the proof SOGRENI is a representative design in Denmark.
    Please see and come our online store sometimes !

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