sog1Japanese website Outman runs a feature about Sögreni right now on their blog. We are not 100% sure what is written, but thank you so much for posting. Sögreni is actually sort of well known among Japanese bicycle aficionados – we get quite a few orders from Japan. So happy for this feature, so a big thumbs up from Copenhagen!

The annual update from Mr. Tsutsumi

DSC_0425 It is that time of the year again: dear Mr. Hiroyuki Tsutsumi from Japan every year sends us a picture of how the surface and patina of his Sögreni Bell in copper is developing. This is the status now, after around five years or so from being manufactured. Thank you so much for sharing Mr. Tsutsumi. If you search the blog you will find earlier entries on the subject.

Greetings from Japan!

These happy gentlemen work at one of the shops run by Japanese bicycle company Blue Lug. The company produces a wide range of handbuilt bicycles and also sells a lot of accessories – like the Sögreni Bell. While waiting for the items to be shipped all the way over to Japan, the frustration and waiting time was unbearable and this picture was shot. Thank you for sharing, and yes, we all do need a little Sögreni in our lives from time to time.

Sögreni to represent Denmark together with other world-class Danish design in Japan

If you happen to be in the Japanese town of Kanazawa in August, be sure to stop by the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art. There Sögreni together with around 70 other exhibitors will display some of the best examples of Danish design like chairs from Børge Mogensen, the small pen from Novo Nordisk used by people affected by diabetes all over the world, glassware from Tora Urup and many others.

The title of the exhibition is “Everyday Life – Signs of Awareness”. What you see on the Pictures are 1) all the parts needed to make a classic chair: the KEVI 2533, designed by Jørgen Rasmussen back in 1958 – and 2) the actual Sögreni bicycle as presented in Japan, a Sögreni Classic. This model is also called the Louisiana bicycle after beeing shown at the Louisiana Museum at Humlebæk, Denmark for many years.

Links to the museum and Danish Statens Kunstfond

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Hello from Colorado!

These newly manufactered Sögreni bicycles just arrived to Mr. Ari Krichiver and his girlfriend in Colorado, and he was so kind to let us know, they had made the long journey without any accidents or mishaps. We wish you many happy miles of rolling on those beautiful Colorado slopes and mountain roads!



Price correction on all bicycles

From today, all Sögreni bicycles sold through had a minor price increase of 5%. This is due to prices rising on a wide range of materials and labour cost. So from now on, prices start from 1.755 euros for a complete and styled-by-you Sögreni handmade bicycle. Another increase is planned for the next 6-9 months or so. Already ordered bicycles are of course not affected.

Tulips from Washington State


Steve Isaacson sent this picture recently and he writes: “Wanted to share a picture of your famous bike bell from our bike ride today in Skagit Valley Tulip fields in Northwestern Washington State USA. It still rings true!” This looks like the perfect place for a bicycle trip: lots of colour to enjoy and not too many steep hills to climb. Thanks for the nice picture!

A completely gorgeous store

Together with 26 other carefully selected stores, places, coffee shops and restaurants, Søgreni was on the latest “things-you-must-see-in-Copenhagen” from Conde Nest Traveller. They write “Sögreni takes you straight to the zenith of its (Copenhagens) hipster cycling scene” among other things. A very fine listing we are really happy about. Please come and stop by any time soon again! See all listings here

How we produce the Sögreni Lamps

Sometimes people visiting us do not really believe that we are so old-fashioned when it comes to how we produce our bicycles and accessories. But we are: almost everything is done by hand and very slowly put together. This way, we can control the quality and make sure that a customer from let us say Canada, Japan or India does not have to send the item back to us after a few weeks because it is broken. Like the lamps: this is how it looks when we put them together. Each set of lamps takes around one and a half hour to get perfectly right and tested. So all things considered, we think the current pricetag of 111 euros for a set is a fair price.




What a guidebook in the happiest country on earth writes about us

A newly published Norwegian guidebook listed Sögreni recently. The title “Tråkk i vei på en designklassiker” translates roughly into “Go ahead and explore the road on a designers’ classic”. Norwegian is not for everybody, but let us tell you that the guidebook very politely describes the company, the shop and the processes that are used to make some of the finest bicycles around the globe.

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