Bicycles at Universitetssjukhuset, Malmö

Mr Sven Lundh founded Swedish design and furniture company Källemo back in 1970. Unfortunately, Mr Lundh passed away a few years ago, but before doing so he and Søren Sögreni made this installation at Universitetssjukhuset (The University Hospital) in Malmö, Sweden. The installation consists of art in the middle of the room and Sögreni bicycles on the wall. We had almost forgot about this installation, but came around the hospital for a routine check and were pleasantly reminded. If you ever pass Malmö, you can see it for yourself at this adress





Matching colours

We just wanted to show you what a combo of a matching colours can do. This is a Brooks of England saddle and tool box and the Sögreni Handlebars in dark brown leather. Imagine this combo with a Sögreni bicycle painted in a similar dark brown colour, or maybe white, or…just any colour you want.

Update from Mr. Tsutsumi

Around three years ago, dear Mr Tsutsumi out of Japan started sending us pictures of how his Sögreni Copper bell developes over time. Here it is, four years after being mounted on the gentlemans blue bicycle. This is how it looks if you not polish it, the metal darkens naturally. Thanks for sharing!

DSC_0322 2015,9,3

DSC_0630 2016,8,16

Ammonia, salt and lemon juice.

Mr. Clayton Cook purchased a set of Sögreni Copper Pedals, but he had a plan how to make them look a little older. Mr Cook writes: “Here are some pictures of your copper peddles. I love old “green” copper so, I found a recipe on the internet about how to artificially age copper quickly so it will look old! Basically it is a mixture of ammonia, salt and lemon juice. One of my favorite details about artificially aging the copper was that the peddles got shiny where they contact the soles of my shoes”. Nice tip if you want your bicycle to look more vintage – thanks for the pictures!

copper 3

copper 2

copper 1

Visit Copenhagen!

Biking girl_foto_Nicolai Perjesi (1)

We are truly proud of our city, so if you are planning to visit just one European capital this year, why not us? We have good food, good beer, great looking people and of course lots of bicycles everywhere!

Visit Copenhagen just upgraded their website, visit and please read “Bike City Copenhagen” which of course also features an article about Sögreni.
(Picture from Visit Copenhagen, photographer Nicolai Perjesi).

Mr Tsutsumis Bell – part two

About a year ago Mr Tsusumi of Hitoyoshi, Japan, sent us a picture of his Sögreni Copper Bell, and now he is back with an update. The bell is aging nicely, we must say. Mr Tsutsumi also had a bicycle accident earlier this year, broke his clavicle and a rib…but the bicycle survived without a scratch! This is what happens when you use quality equipment. Thanks for the update and godspeed, Mr Tsutsumi.


DSC_0447 2013,9,23

DSC_0773 2014,8,19

Keep out, or…!

No parking for bicycles signSo what do you do if you are the caretaker of a property, situated right next to The Copenhagen Business School, where hundreds of students park – or toss – their bicycles everywhere? You put up a sign. And since you don’t want to carry all those bicycles away to another location, you simply say


…good thinking, caretaker Mr Nielsen, there wasn’t a single bicycle within 10 meters of this simple but truly effective sign.