The annual update from Mr. Tsutsumi

DSC_0425 It is that time of the year again: dear Mr. Hiroyuki Tsutsumi from Japan every year sends us a picture of how the surface and patina of his Sögreni Bell in copper is developing. This is the status now, after around five years or so from being manufactured. Thank you so much for sharing Mr. Tsutsumi. If you search the blog you will find earlier entries on the subject.

Hello from Colorado!

These newly manufactered Sögreni bicycles just arrived to Mr. Ari Krichiver and his girlfriend in Colorado, and he was so kind to let us know, they had made the long journey without any accidents or mishaps. We wish you many happy miles of rolling on those beautiful Colorado slopes and mountain roads!



Tulips from Washington State


Steve Isaacson sent this picture recently and he writes: “Wanted to share a picture of your famous bike bell from our bike ride today in Skagit Valley Tulip fields in Northwestern Washington State USA. It still rings true!” This looks like the perfect place for a bicycle trip: lots of colour to enjoy and not too many steep hills to climb. Thanks for the nice picture!

This came in from Seattle

2017 019 vegas 002 Seattle is known for a lot of things: the Space Needle, Starbucks Coffee and the Boeing factories in Renton. And now also for one of the sleekest bicycles in the state of Washington. It belongs to Mr. Mark Williams, who ordered the Sögreni Pedals in aluminium + aluminium a while ago for his Bianchi bicycle. Looks great, thanks for sharing!

Mr Tsutsumi’s new Sögreni Bell

In the very south of Japan, in the city of Hitoyoshi on the island called Kyushu, lives Mr Hiroyuki Tsutsumi. He is a bicycle lover, and a few months ago, he ordered a Sögreni Bell in shiny copper. Being a true gentleman, Mr Tsutsumi sent us a few pictures of his baby-blue bicycle with a color-matching wire lock with the new Sögreni Bell firmly attached to the handlebar. Thanks so very much, and even though our Japanese is sort of rusty, we can try and say Arigatou Gozaimasu (ありがとうございます).

Bike on the T: a Mini Adventure

Constance has been running the fantastic blog Lovely Bicycle since april 2009, and in her own words it is “at times frivolous and self-indulgent, Lovely Bicycle is ultimately about beautiful, functional, and comfortable bicycles – with a focus on the classic and the handmade”. One day a Sögreni bicycle in need of care came into her life, and the story about how to bring it home on the Boston “T” is really worth checking out! Click here to read the article.

Amsterdam Weekend – Filled with Bicycles

6 bicycles, Amsterdam

Six safely locked bicycles, waiting for their masters

When you live in Copenhagen, you might think you already saw everything possible connected to urban bicycle culture – but think again! First: it seems like the locals really have adapted the “you need to attach your bicycle to something to prevent it from being nicked” – I think there are six bicycles on this picture, each and everyone properly locked by a wire or a massive chain to the almost invisible bicycle-parking-thing, kindly provided by the city.

Bicycles on barges

How to use those 100 kilometers of channels in Amsterdam

And secondly, if you don’t have enough space in the street to park all of your bicycles, what do you do as a city and you have about 100 kilometres of channels? You simply use a few old barges.