An old friend came by

The owner of this Sögreni racing bicycle comes by every year or so for some minor services and a chat. We usually tighten the chain and lubricate it, maybe adjust the breaks and the gear a little (it has twelve) and make sure everything is tight and safe. This has been the procedure every year (or maybe one year the owner did not come by, we can´t remember anymore) for the last 35 years or so. This bicycle is from the beginning of the 80´s and is still running fine.

The owner is of course treating it very well, and it is only used during summertime, but we are nevertheless proud and happy to see a bicycle having such a long and healthy life.


A one-of-a-kind: The Sögreni Woodie

This is the Sögreni Woodie, where the frame is made out of – as the name suggests – wood. The idea to construct a wooden bicycle hade been around for some time, but Søren Sögreni looked for the perfect kind of wood to use. It should be strong enough to carry a person, but not too stiff, and certainly not too heavy. After testing different types of wood, finally he choose ash. This is what Wikipedia says about ash: “Ash timber is hard, tough and very hard-wearing, with a coarse open grain and a density of 710 kg/m3”.

The construction of the parts took some time, and all in all about a year was used for this unique bicycle, complete with a Brooks of England saddle, Sögreni handle bars, a Sögreni luggage carrier, a front brake and other small details. All metal parts of the frame have been given the Sögreni delta-treatment, of course.

There is another older wooden bicycle prototype in the shop in Skt Peders Stræde as well.

This one-of-a-kind Woodie is now sold to a collector af rare bicycles, and the pricetag is something we keep as a secret between us. But if you also would like a truly unique bicycle, please send us an e-mail or give us a call with your wishes.





Very grey

This is one of the bicycles we finished this month, a very grey Sögreni Classic ordered my Mr. Christopher Hanill, a native Copenhagener. As with the Classic, the handlebar is straight, adding to the minimalistic design. The customer opted for a black Brooks of England saddle to match the black Sögreni handles, and the aluminium mudguards, the painted lock and aluminium Sögreni pedals complete the picture of a very elegant bicycle, ready for the street.

foto (1)



Jimmy’s new (but third) Sögreni

Meet Jimmy, the proud owner of a brand new Young Shatterhand, painted in the “Maria” colour. This is his third Sögreni in 30 years. No the old ones did not break down or rusted away – but got stolen from evil mischiefs. Jimmy claims that the upright sitting position is good for his back, and he is correct, you sit quite straight on the Young Shatterhand. We wish Jimmy all the best with his new bicycle, and do not hope that we will need to make him a new one ever again.


This Sögreni bicycle was born in 1988

This Danish gentleman came by the shop yesterday, and asked if we remembered the day when we sold him this bicycle. We came to be a little silent, as nobody really could remember anything about this one, but after a short while one of the guys stuttered “was it around 2002 or something like that…?” The gentleman laughed, and told us that this particular bicycle was from 1988, and that he had used it ever since getting to work. Not all the time during winter, due to the racer tires. But still…we would say this is a very fresh 26-year old bicycle. Thank you so much for stopping by! It made our day.