Say hello to Mr. Rojas

Mr Rojas foto (1) Senor Rojas from Peru came by the store the other day to pick up his brand new Young Shatterhand painted in a bright orange colour. He had choosen to add a La Rotunda luggage carrier, very conveniently placed behind the saddle. His daughter Marieta followed on the first trip on a Old Shatterhand from the store – it is always more pleasant to bicycle together. We wish you all the best!

This beauty came in for a check

foto The other day, a man knocked on the door at Skt Peders Stræde and said that he had a Sögreni bicycle that needed a small service check before the upcoming summer season. “Of course” we replied and got outside to see the patient. And there it was: a mid-80s Classic Sögreni Racer in excellent condition, still running fine.

Please notice that is was equipped with a Campagnolo Super Record crankset, shifters and other small parts – all original and all 100% functional. Quality never goes out of style, and we are certain that this beauty will be running for another 30 or so years.

Currently, we do not sell Sögreni Racers as a part of the inventory found in the webshop, but we can of course build any bicycle you are dreaming of – including Campagnolo parts. Just come by the shop or give us a call.

Christopher and Anastasia

This nice couple came by the other day to collect their brand new bicycles, and took them for a ride om a beautiful, sunny day in Copenhagen. The photos are taken close to Langelinie and the upcoming renewed Nordhavn area, a new part of Copenhagen that in the next 20 years or so will turn into a green, sustainable and bicycle-friendly residential and commercial area.
Check out in case you want to know more.




Seven happy friends

foto Mr. Berto, a native of Mexico City, came by and bought seven Sögreni Bells for his friends. Mexico City is one of those cities in the world that is quite bicycle-unfriendly, but things are changing, as people realize that cars easily can be replaced with better, cleaner, faster og more fun means of transportation – like a bicycle.

Now for sale: The Sögreni Mud Flap

mudflap2-thumb We have had this item for sale for ages in the shop, but for some reason never took it for sale online. Well that changed now, and we are pleased to offer the Sögreni Mud Flap in three different leather colours.

An easy way to upgrade any bicycle, and also a way of reducing the amount of water and mud you might spray your fellow bicyclists riding behind you with. See more pictures and order here

Coming soon: Your 100% personal Sögreni bicycle

20141206_142245 We did it for the limited edition of bicycles for Danish design and silverware company Georg Jensen, and soon you can too. It will be possible to order a personal engraving on your Sögreni bicycle, on one or both sides of the frame. It could be your name, your bicycles name, the name of the person getting the bicycle as a gift – or anything else.

You will be able to choose between different kinds of typefaces and sizes of text. Another good thing about engraving your Sögreni bicycle will be the enhanced uniqueness, making it even more uninteresting to steal.

Almost finished.

After a lot of thinking, planning, technical drawings and lots of coffee, we are almost ready to launch the all new Sögreni Metal Front Bag. It is not for sale yet, but we just wanted to share this picture of one of the very first full-size prototypes. Nice, huh? We do not know when it will be released for sale, but quite soon. One thing we know, is that this will be a small production in the beginning, every unit is (of course) made by hand in the shop, and production numbers will be limited. (Thanks for the photo, courtesy of Ms. Minhye Jung).

Andy’s new old bicycle


Andy is an old friend of and employee at Sögreni, and a few months ago he came along, bringing along an old bicyle frame and a few parts, probably about fifty years old or so. Andy wanted us to restore and build a completely new bicycle out of this heap of…interesting bicycle parts, and this is the result!

The perfect transportation machine for the city, where you easily can get home with your child sitting in front, and a big load of groceries in the same time. Notice the rims painted in the same colour as the frame, that detail really makes this bicycle truly elegant. And it might be hard to see, but there is also an electric engine hidden in the central metal box.

If you have a dream about some crazy or just unique bicycle that you want to come true, well everything is possible. Just send us an e-mail. Andy’s bicycle took about 12 weeks all in all from start to finish.