Sögreni to represent Denmark together with other world-class Danish design in Japan

If you happen to be in the Japanese town of Kanazawa in August, be sure to stop by the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art. There Sögreni together with around 70 other exhibitors will display some of the best examples of Danish design like chairs from Børge Mogensen, the small pen from Novo Nordisk used by people affected by diabetes all over the world, glassware from Tora Urup and many others.

The title of the exhibition is “Everyday Life – Signs of Awareness”. What you see on the Pictures are 1) all the parts needed to make a classic chair: the KEVI 2533, designed by Jørgen Rasmussen back in 1958 – and 2) the actual Sögreni bicycle as presented in Japan, a Sögreni Classic. This model is also called the Louisiana bicycle after beeing shown at the Louisiana Museum at Humlebæk, Denmark for many years.

Links to the museum www.kanazawa21.jp and Danish Statens Kunstfond www.kunst.dk

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A completely gorgeous store

Together with 26 other carefully selected stores, places, coffee shops and restaurants, Søgreni was on the latest “things-you-must-see-in-Copenhagen” from Conde Nest Traveller. They write “Sögreni takes you straight to the zenith of its (Copenhagens) hipster cycling scene” among other things. A very fine listing we are really happy about. Please come and stop by any time soon again! See all listings here

What a guidebook in the happiest country on earth writes about us

A newly published Norwegian guidebook listed Sögreni recently. The title “Tråkk i vei på en designklassiker” translates roughly into “Go ahead and explore the road on a designers’ classic”. Norwegian is not for everybody, but let us tell you that the guidebook very politely describes the company, the shop and the processes that are used to make some of the finest bicycles around the globe.

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Petit Futé:Nouvelle édition DANEMARK – FEROE

French travel publication Petit Futé has included Sögreni in their 2015 edition. Our french is quite bad, but “Voilà plus de trente ans que Søren s’impose comme le créateur de vélos personnalisés. Les vélos de cette enseigne ultra renommée à Copenhague deviennent des oeuvres d’art, des objets uniques puisque chacun peut fabriquer, imaginer son propre vélo. Les pièces sont assemblées à la main avec les meilleurs matériaux, et une attention toute particulière est portée au design. Le temple du vélo sur mesure. Mais cela a un prix, bien sûr”…translates into something like

“For over thirty years Søren has established itself as the creator of custom bikes. The bikes of this ultra-famous brand in Copenhagen become artworks, unique items since everyone can make his own bike. The pieces are hand assembled with the finest materials, and special attention is paid to design. The custom bike temple. But this has a price, of course…”

Thanks for listing us!

The Sögreni newsletter

Just before christmas, we finally sat down and made a newsletter, it was a very long time since the last one. If you want to subscribe, just add your e-mail in the small box on the left hand side on almost all pages on this website. We will only send you a newsletter when there is something we really want to tell you about – every other month or so. Welcome aboard!

The Nordic Courier

Danish publishing giant Aller Media has just released The Nordic Courier, a lifestyle magazine for iPad, only possible to read if you download it in iTunes. In Japanese, and aimed at the Scandinavian-design-crazy consumer market. Sögreni is (of course!) one of the designers mentioned in the magazine – the article is called “How it’s made a Sögreni Bike”.
The Nordic Courier

There is also a video See the video










New hotel in Skt Peders Stræde – SP34

The new boutique hotel SP34 – guess what it stands for – just opened it’s doors in Sankt Peders Stræde, just a few houses away from the shop. Legendary Danish design company Georg Jensen held a meeting at the hotel the other day, and one of the extremely limited edition Sögreni/Georg Jensen bicycles, made in october 2008 and including a Sögreni Bell in sterling silver, was on display. There are only 14 copies ever made.

We are happy to welcome this new hotel in our cosy street, and it is the perfect place to stay if you plan to visit Copenhagen and the shop. That way, you do not have to carry all the things you bought in the shop that far to your hotel room. http://www.brochner-hotels.dk/our-hotels/sp34/







Forza Italia!

untitledThe first guided bicycle tour this season was a success – judging from these smiling visitors and honoured guests from Italy. This is actually after the tour, so something must have worked out right! No, honestly, it was a great tour, including the known and not-so-known landmarks of Copenhagen. Join yourself, we roll every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10AM from now and until the very last days of August. See how and where a little further down in this blog.

Prices will increase – get your summer accessories now

It has been quite a long time since we corrected our prices, but now is the time. Pure inflation is one thing, rising prices for raw materials and shipping are also part of the story. We will gradually increase all prices on all accessories throughout the next couple of weeks, we do not know exactly how much, but somewhere between 10-15% is the ball park number. Also bicycles will be getting more expensive, basic prices will be raised with about 60-75 euros. Actually are the prices you pay in the shop already raised on bicycles, but we wanted to give you, the online community, a fair amount of time to get your Sögreni bicycle before the new pricelist applies. So shop now! We ship to (almost) all countries and territories.

Wanna go for a ride with Sögreni? Guided tours all summer

Copenhagen might not be a metropolis like London or New York, but our city is still too big to see in its entirety by walking on your own two feet. Besides, Copenhagen is famously known for being a green capital with myriads of cyclists on our endless miles of bike lanes – so why not experience Copenhagen on a bike like a native? CPHmade offers you a two hour bike tour with an English speaking guide who will show you around the city on a late morning tour. You rent the bike from us, we show you the way and we will have you back two hours later.


We will meet at Sögreni Bikes in the inner city area of Copenhagen. Payment is requested while we get the bikes ready, and then we set off on a tour where we will guide you around to a selection of landmarks and sights. What really separate our bike tours from the pack is our unique mixture of must-see sights in Copenhagen combined with an introduction to some of the great craftsmen that reside in our city. You may have heard about Danish design, but we will show you the places where it actually happens. So we leave you with so much more than ‘just’ The Little Mermaid and the Amalienborg Castle.

Tickets are available by pre-booking, or you can just try your luck and show up 15 minutes before the tour. The price for the 2-hour tour is 299 DKK (40 EUR), and includes bicycle renting.

Meeting point: Sögreni Bikes Skt. Peders Stræde 30 A 1450 Copenhagen K
See other tours of Copenhagen and preorder at CPHmade.org/tours

You can join our tour every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10.00 sharp, from May – August 2014.

For pre-booking or any questions please contact Asger Daugbjerg, CPHmade on ad@cphmade. org or send a text message to +45 2035 6579.