These are the eight colours you can choose between when designing your own Sgreni bicycle. Please note, that colours when seen on a small computer screen might seem different than in real life. Generally, all colours appear a little lighter in real life than on this page, is our opinion.


Jenny is a classic red, red as the lipstick of a movie star, red as a pumping heart, red as an Italian sportscar and reminescant of that kind of red you can see on traditional japanese laqcured boxes. Søren Sögreni has always been fascinated in racing, and this rich semidark red colour is his tribute to the early enthusiasts of racing, wheather on two or four wheels.

I named this color after a girlfriend. You can guess for yourself if she was hot-tempered or not. Women and racing - what is the difference?


Boss is a greybrown nuance with elements of purple. This colour will change with the amount of light, and being a brownish thing in summer, it will turnout almost black in the shade pale of light in winter. This is Sögrenis most sincere colour.

This looks great on a male bike. The name "Boss" was not invented by me, but by friends referring to my position being both the inventor and captain of Sögreni. This color is very close to my heart.


Andy is a fresh green colour, almost army in its appeal. A bike in this colour could easily sneak into every desert or urban environment. It will remind you of fresh olives, eucalyptus foilage and the kind of rubber boots fishermen use. Very practical, no-nonsense.

Andy is an old co-worker of mine, a guy who knows almost everything about getting machines to work, the type of guy that can fix any car and reboot any computer. A survivor, a MacGyver-type of guy and color.


Mia is Andy's girlfriend. Mia is the darker side of Andy, but with the same elements of usefulness, stamina and surviveability. This is a more dark armygrey colour, very resistant to dirt and perfect for the person that doesn't really care wheather the bike needs a wash or not.

Mia might not seem as a very feminine colour, but I do think it is. I have met a lot of strong women, and this colour is exactly what suits them.


Maria is a darkblue colour, with elements of grey and....dust. This is the perfect colour suitable for the person wanting to supplement the bike with copper fenders, a copper Sögreni bell and a copper Sögreni set of lamps. This colour could have been more clear royal blue, and with Søren Sögreni's Danish origin, why not?

Maria was named after a woman who ordered a bike in this special colour, and we had to invent it. It took some time.


Henrik is a classic black colour, black as ink, black as the skin of a Nubian warrior. This colour has a stealthlike, sneaklike side to it, and Sögreni considers it to be one of the best colours to produce a bike in. A bike this colour will always look elegant, like a black Jaguar E-type from the late sixties, a black cocktail dress - and don't forget what a tuxedo looks like. You never go wrong wearing black.

Henrik is named after a friend of mine. Henrik is quick, elegant and knows his ways around. There is a little James Bond attached to his person. That is why.


Berlin was named after a special bike delivered to the Danish Embassy in Berlin. This dark-green colour represents rainforest, lime fruit skin and the foilage of oak leaves in autumn. This colour is in a way a no-colour. It is very pleasant to the eye, it will leave no remarks but just a feeling of being pleasant to the beholder.

I sort of ment it as a joke to make a bike for the city of Berlin being green. But when I came there I realized that the city is very green, so it came out right.


Castro is a reddish-brown colour. This is the colour of ripe mango fruit, classic English leather boots and dark roast coffee, but with a twist towards the purple side. Castro goes extremely well with accessories in copper, as these colors enhance enother. Castro needs a little cleaning and polishing (or even waxing) from time to time to remain at its best.

The name Castro comes from an evening where me and some friends debated what to call this colour. One of the guys said that I was being as pursistent and high-voiced as Fidel Castro, and so it came to be this name. If Fidel calls, I will present him a bike as a gift with thanks for the inspiration.