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Stay in style at SP34

Stay in style close to the Sgreni Shop - and get a 15% special discount

In April 2014 the newly renovated boutique hotel SP34 opened with 118 rooms, a small cinema, two restaurants, four bars and a roof top terrace. The location in Skt Peders Strde is close to perfect in Copenhagen City.

Right in the center of the bohemian area with high ceilings, cool restaurants, vintage shops, churches, bars and a very unique vibe. The rooms and the overall interior reflect SP34's concept of relaxed luxury and contains a range of carefully chosen products and furniture for the quality conscious guest. For instance, all their dairy products and coffee are organic.

Once back at the hotel after exploring the city, feel free to join in during Wine Hour. To SP34, it is important that their guests feel at home with them. And what is more homey than pouring oneself a glass of wine and leaning back in an armchair? If you feel hungry afterwards, visit Bar Moritz: a bar and eatery that is hugely inspired by vibrant Spanish cities like Madrid, Barcelona and San Sebastian.

You can order your stay at SP34 with a 15% Sgreni discount. This is perfect if you wanted to visit the shop to order a bicycle in person. In that case, it is nice to be able to just get down and have a chat with Sren Sgreni about the project just 2 minutes from your room.

This is how you order and get your 15% discount: Go to and search for your period of stay. Under "Corporate ID" please type the code 907585.

Stay in style at SP34