Sögreni Fenders

Price from: €117.25

With the simplistic design and high functionality, the Sögreni Fenders are quite simply the most elegant way available to keep mud and water from splashing you, your bicycle and those around you. Prices start from 117.25 euros for a set of fenders, and go up to 233.75 euros. Please choose the material and width to see the price of the fenders you are interested in.

Built in sturdy materials like wood, aluminum alloy, brass, copper and aluminum fivebar floortile, the fenders are not only beautiful, but also heavy duty. All fenders are sold in sets with one front and one back piece.

The weight of one set of our fenders ranges from feather-weight 735 g for our slim wooden fenders to 1710 g for the somewhat heavier wide brass fenders. These weights are including all the hardware needed for mounting your Sögreni Fenders – the nuts, bolts and struts that are included with each fender set.

All fenders are available in a slim version, 33 mm wide, and a broad version, 50 mm wide. The slim fenders are suitable for tires up to 700 x 32C, and the wide fenders are suitable for tires up to 700 x 47C. All fenders have the same lenght: The front fender is 660 mm, and the back fender is 1000 mm.

All of the metal fenders are delivered flat, for the customer to bend over a round object, for example the inflated tyre of a bicycle. This enables mounting the fenders to a wide range of tire dimensions, from 20" to 28".

The wooden fenders are somewhat less flexible, but can still be mounted on bicycles with tires ranging from 26" to 28". With every set of Sögreni Fenders, we include a manual, which shows how to install the fenders to your bicycle. Please note that installing a set of Sögreni Fenders takes some skill – you will need to be a bit handy!

Click here for the instruction manual on installing the Sögreni fenders (pdf)

Image 1: from left to right: Aluminium diamond (slim), Aluminium diamond (wide), Aluminium mini diamond (slim), Aluminium plain (slim), Aluminium plain (wide), Aluminium mini diamond (wide), Aluminium diamond dark wide (not for sale at the moment), Copper (wide), Copper (slim), Brass (slim) and Brass (wide).

Image 2: Honey fender set.

Image 3: Honey and mahogany fenders in wide and slim

Image 4: Honey fenders on the floor.

Image 5: Aluminium diamond wide on bicycle.

Image 6: Brass fender wide on bicycle.

Image 7: Aluminium plain wide on bicycle.

Sögreni Fenders overview Wood fenders Mahogany and honey wood fenders Honey fender on the floor Diamond fenders from Sögreni Brass fenders Aluminium

Sögreni Fenders

  • Choose between wide or slim fenders
  • Makes a great new visual impact to your existing bicycle
  • All fender sets come with all nuts, bolts and struts, and a manual
  • Shipping Weight: 0.75kgs

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