Sögreni Double Pedals

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The Sögreni double pedals are twice the elegance of the single version. Besides doing all the same good to your bicycle, a Sögreni or not, in terms of good looks and stylenishness, these small wonders of handicrafted design are especially nice to use if you ride your bicycle wearing shoes without a lot of grip underneath.

So if you are a businessman- or woman, and feel like going to the office wearing your Italian shoes (highhealed or not!) - these are your pedals.

The secret are the double metal bars and the small rings dividing them. The inner part of the pedal is made from aluminium.

All pedals are assembled by hand in the shop in Copenhagen, and come in a nice wooden box with the Sögreni logo.

They fit all modern bicycles and are easy to mount. The aluminium pedal is the lighest, with a weight of 180 grams, the copper and brass are a little heavier.

Measurements: 87x63x19 mm.

Sögreni Double Pedals

  • Easy to mount
  • Better grip than the single Sögreni Pedal
  • Comes in a Sögreni-branded wooden box
  • Shipping Weight: 0.192kgs

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Handmade Pedals

Choose between steel, brass or copper. The pedals come with the Sögreni brand stamped on them, and these are sturdy fellows, not those plastic pedals which will crack within a year or two. We think that the pedal should match the bell material, as this looks nice and brings harmony to the bicycle.

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