Sögreni Luggage Carrier

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The Sögreni luggage carrier can be fitted to any bicycle, whether it is a Sögreni or not. When we first thought of making a luggage carrier, we immediately thought of the type of carrier where you the put the item on the holder, and then slowly lower the crushing lever, afraid of smashing the groceries or whatever you are transporting. The traditional luggage carrier works best for flat items, like a catalogue or at best a flat box - but it still will not ensure you reach your destination with your belongings kept safe. The Sögreni luggage carrier smoothly holds your items with its double-twisted rubber bands, and holds it rock-steady without crushing or the risk of the item falling off. Perfect for bags, balls, watermelons or anything else. The frame is made of alloy and brass, as are the fittings it comes with. Standard length, fits all bicycles.

Luggage carrer big imageLuggage carrer on bicycle Luggage carrier

Sögreni Luggage Carrier

  • Can be fitted on any bicycle
  • Holds items in all sizes and shapes
  • Frame is made of alloy and brass
  • Shipping Weight: 1.5kgs

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