The Sögreni Young Shatterhand

Young Shatterhand - Female/Unisex

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This is the female version of the Young Shatterhand. Perhaps it would be better to call it a unisex model. In Søren Sögrenis words:

I have noticed that a growing number of young men (young meaning those not worried by pension plans or big mortgage payments - yet) like to ride these kind of bicycles. Either they borrowed their girlfriends' bicycles, or maybe it is because it is easier to jump on and off this bicycle, making it a flexible ride for the city?

This bicycle has a temper of its own: It gladly takes control and needs a firm hand, but when you master the Young Shatterhand, it works excellently in the city with its ability to turn in narrow places, and it’s great at cutting corners. The Young Shatterhand is built to the same measurements as a road bicycle, meaning that it has quite a low balance point, and as you sit upright you can use all of your pedalling force downwards, making the bicycle fast and a good sprinter. For the Young Shatterhand, we use 26 inch mountain bike rims and wheels. This gives you stability, and your ride will be soft and smooth thanks to the Brooks saddle with suspension. In Søren Sögrenis words:

I just loved this model as soon as we finished the first many years ago. Probably the best combination of usability, design and joyful riding we ever created.

How to purchase the Young Shatterhand

Before you purchase an Young Shatterhand, we would like you to customize it a bit first. Pick a size, number of gears, colour and a few other options, and you're ready to go! If you have any questions regarding how to purchase a bicycle, don't hesitate to call us at +45 33 12 78 79 or contact us by email.

What classifies the Young Shatterhand?

  • The bicycle for the city
  • Upright sitting position for better overview of traffic
  • 26 inch wheels for quicker maneuvering
  • Low balancepoint, turns quickly

Options available for the Young Shatterhand

When you purchase, these are the options available for customization.

  • 5 frame sizes.
  • 1, 3 or 9 gears.
  • 8 beautiful colours.
  • Matte or glossy colour coating.
  • A Sögreni bell in 4 metals.
  • Handmade pedals in 3 metals.
  • Original Brooks saddle in 3 colors
  • Leather handles in 3 colours.
  • Customize rims, fender colour.
  • Customize handle bar and stem colour.
  • Front brake (drum brake).
  • Mounted lock.
  • Kickstand.
  • Shipping Weight: 14kgs

Please Choose:


Like a shirt or a pair of shoes, a bicycle comes in different sizes. Some people like small bicycles, other a bigger bicycle, but this is what we recommend for your height: Extra Small (48 cm frame) if you are up to 1,65-1,70 meters tall. Small (52 cm frame) for the range 1,65-1,75 meters tall. Medium (56 cm frame) for the range 1,75-1,85 meters tall. Large (60 cm frame) for the range 1,85-1,90 meters tall, and finally: Extra Large (63 cm frame) if you are 1,90 meters tall or taller.

You could also measure the distance from the floor (standing up, but remember to take off your shoes) to your groin. If you measure 80 centimeters from the floor to the groin, deduct 25 = you are very close to the 56 cm frame, as your result is 55. If in doubt, give us a call or send us an e-mail.


A bicycle without any extra gears at all (a single speed bicycle) is the simplest, and in a way, the most elegant way to build a bicycle. If you choose this option, you will also never have any problems with your gears freezing in the middle of winter, and you will never have to grease them up or actually do anything. Important: Choosing single speed does not mean that braking is made hard or dangerous, we do not build “fixies”. Your pedals will not keep on turning when you stop threading. But still, gears are helpful, both in the city and in the countryside. After all, the athletes doing the Tour de France do use bicycles with a lot of gears! We offer the single speed solution, a 3-speed gear and a continuously variable gear. The continuously variable gear gives you a bicycle with approximately 11 gears, but without any “fixed” shifting between gears.


You can choose between 8 different colours. Click here for additional information on the colours.

Colour Type

The glossy colours attract light better and shine more than the matte.

Sögreni Bell

The bell comes in 4 different materials: brass, copper, stainless steel and zinc finish. It is really down to personal preference, but we feel that a glossy bicycle and a bell in brass or copper does the trick. And a matte bicycle looks even better with a steel or zinc bell. But you choose!

Handmade Pedals

Choose between steel, brass or copper. The pedals come with the Sögreni brand stamped on them, and these are sturdy fellows, not those plastic pedals which will crack within a year or two. We think that the pedal should match the bell material, as this looks nice and brings harmony to the bicycle.

Brooks Saddle

You can choose between black, antique brown or honey brown. Your choice of saddle colour should be the same as your choice of Sögreni handlebars. But that is only our opinion. Generally, a dark bicycle and a light-colored saddle fit perfectly together. And vice-versa. One of the best-looking bicycles we ever made is the combination of the Maria color, with a honey brown saddle and honey brown handles. But again, you are the one in charge here.

We did it for the limited edition of bicycles for Danish design and silverware company Georg Jensen, and now you can too. You can order a personal engraving of your name, your loved one's or anything else. The engraving is made before we paint the bicycle, and normally made on the left hand side of the bicycle. The number of letters included in the base price is 15, additional letters cost extra. Please write the text here, but we will contact you to make sure that we use the right typeface and size to get the engraving 100% as you like it. It is also possible to use other alphabets than the english alphabet.

( +€265.00 )
Price per additional letter: €20.00
Free letters: 15

Sögreni Leather Handles

See above, "Brooks Saddle'.


Painting the rims the same colour as the bicycle looks very good. It’s like matching furniture with the wallpaper, or matching your brown leather shoes with a fabulous leather belt from Milan. You could paint the rims another colour than the bicycle, but we don't recommend it.

Fender Colour

75% of our bicycles are delivered with the matte aluminium delta-coated finish together with brass fittings. If you wish the fender to be painted the same color as the bicycle, just go ahead and tell us. It will make the bicycle even more special, and we really love to paint them at the same time as the frame. It looks really good!

Handlebar & Stem Colour

The story here is very much the same as for the rims. Not very many people opt for this, but is really looks good, and we love doing it, it enhances the whole bicycle. We recommend you to do this in the same colour as the bike. Other options are of course possible, but it might look a little strange.

Front brake

Normally, using the pedals as a brake is quite enough, at least for normal city usage of the bicycle. If you want extra control, and want to be able to stop very quickly, order the front brake. We recommend this front brake, a powerful mechanism that will stop you and your bicycle in a matter of seconds. The lever is placed on the right hand side, unless you ordered extra gears. In that case, we place it on the left hand side - there simply is no space for both on the right hand side of the handlebars.

Mounted Lock

Your Sögreni bicycle might be admired by other people, and thieves might also notice it. The good news is that a bicycle this special is quite hard to pass on to a buyer. If you choose to have a mounted lock or not is up to you. We think it looks better without, and instead, get the Sögreni wire lock, availible in the accessories section. The important thing is that you lock you bike onto something, attaching it will make your bicycle hard to steal, as the thief will need to cut through the wire to be able to move it - and that catches attention and takes time. A mounted lock is good, a wire lock is better. But the mounted lock is easier to use on a daily basis.


The kickstand is not designed by Sögreni, but something we get from great suppliers in Germany in Switzerland, like the Esge kickstand. This is a no fuss kickstand, nothing special but it performs nicely. If you normally park with access to a bicycle rack, or are used to leaning your bicycle up against a wall, you won’t need one. On the other hand, a kickstand might come in handy in other places. Your choice. We personally think the bicycle looks better without a kickstand.

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